Perpetual Motivation

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Perpetual Motivation

How to Light Your Fire and Keep It Burning in Your Career and in Life

A professional speaker, motivator, and coach, Dave Durand demonstrates that the most important element of success is not putting in longer hours or expending more energy—it is keeping everything in balance.

This principled yet practical motivational program is bolstered with anecdotes, research, and many years of personal observation and interaction with leaders and executives in training seminars and radio broadcasts.

Dave Durand outlines five key life components that must be brought into harmony and kept on track, or productivity will inevitably slow to a crawl; once this balance is achieved, less effort is needed to maintain stability and productivity increases.

Individuals from all walks of life—sales representatives, managers, secretaries, educators, small-business owners, and stay-at-home parents—can make this program their own and increase effectiveness in every aspect of their lives.

Reviews and endorsements

“All men and women of great achievement need a constant flow of inspiration and motivation. Dave Durand has been teaching people how to create that flow for more than a decade.  Now let him teach you the secrets of Perpetual Motivation.”
Matthew Kelly, author of The Dream Manager


"Cuts to the core of what really motivates top performers."
Dan Jansen, Olympic gold medalist


"Goes far deeper than the flood of other books on that topic. A must read!"
Erick Laine, chairman and CEO, Alcas Corporation

Paperback / 192 pages
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