Quarks, Chaos & Christianity

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Quarks, Chaos & Christianity

Questions to Science And Religion

This bestselling book by a theoretical physicist and Templeton Award winner addresses and bridges the seemingly impassable divide between rational inquiry and faith. Updated to include new scientific breakthroughs, this important work helps us see science and religion as complementary understandings.

Polkinghorne synthesizes his extensive experience in the complex and specialized world of theoretical physics to draw thought-provoking conclusions about the nature of God and creation. Polkinghorne’s breathtaking scope of scientific knowledge provides a powerful lense to view the organizing principles of the universe and encourages us to begin to ask the "why?" questions of faith in addition to the "how?" questions of science.

A stimulating and mind-expanding read, Quarks, Chaos & Christianity will help you make sense of religion in an age of rationality.

Topics include:

Chaos theory
Quest for God
How God answers prayer
Our human nature
Religious fact and opinion
Scientists and prayer

Reviews and endorsements

“[Polkinghorne] describes for the lay person the compatibility of science and religion. He demonstrates this in regard to the nature of God the creator, the richness of creation, prayer, and miracles."
—Theology Digest


“Science illuminates the rational order of the universe. Religion is the encounter with God’s hidden presence. Far from opponents, both institutions complement each other, as do ethics and aesthetics. Polkinghorne makes that clear and accessible to lay people, whether they are inclined to religion or science.”
—Modern Liturgy


“Religion and Science keep struggling, each for its own wholeness and also for the wholeness of the other, thanks largely to John Polkinghorne. This long-time professor and Anglican priest has been a dependable research physicist as well as a seeking theologian. He can help us see and feel truth even into its fourth dimension.”
—The Living Church


“The author displays the same virtues as a writer on science and religion that C.S. Lewis showed as an apologist for ‘mere’ Christianity: simplicity of style, accessibility to the general reader, and a deep learning.”


Paperback / 128 pages
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Religion & Science
Faith, Mysticism, Philosophy