Raised in Captivity

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Front Cover of Raised in Captivity

Raised in Captivity

A Memoir of a Life Long Churchaholic

A hilarious memoir of growing up in a religiously-addicted family, this book is an affectionate and cautionary look at the jolting ups and downs of being raised in a church-going family—and how the author kept his faith in Jesus anyway.

"This book is about church stuff that got in the way of me being me. It's not about what's wrong with any particular denomination, though the wry humor that filled my family's conversations was a means of coping with the bumps in the parking lot of faith . . . I have learned that the denominations are more alike than different. If Christians actually practiced this—lived it—their harmony would be deafening."
—from the Preface

Reviews and endorsements

“McNair proves you can be cynical about religion and a true believer in Jesus. Irreverent and spiritual at the same time.”
Tony Campolo, Ph.d., author, speaker, professor


“This is a book that has been in the making for fifty years. Its humor peels away hypocrisy and myth and leaves you with a refreshing look at faith. Funny and thought provoking, it has the potential to set you free.”
Ken Davis, author, humorist, radio host

Paperback / 192 pages
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.36