Refocusing the Vision

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Refocusing the Vision

Religious Life into the Future

A revised and greatly expanded version of the best-selling, Living the Vision, revisited with the eyes and experience of ten years. This book maps an agenda for nuns living with the reforms set forth by the Second Vatican Council.

Today many nuns live in apartment-style convents and dress in secular clothing. In addition, many nuns have eschewed traditional roles such as teaching and missionary work in favor of more fulfilling careers in social action and spirituality. Many nuns today even run parishes where no priest is available. In this book Barbara Fiand explains what these women are doing and why.

In this revision of Living the Vision, the reader will find three added appendices, and a much-expanded chapter 4. The questions raised here are provocative and may be disturbing to some.

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Barbara Fiand is Research Professor of Spirituality at Loyola University, Chicago. This is a “revisited, revised, and expanded” version of her book Living the Vision: Religious Vows in an Age of Change (1900). Using the wisdom gained from lectures, retreats, and workshops she conducts, she first reflects on the “age of change” in which religious live their vows and on the dualistic worldview of the past centuries, which is giving way to a holistic spirituality and to more authentic ways of seeing. Then she applies these reflections to poverty, celibacy, community, creative fidelity, and “organic” incorporation of new members.
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