Religions for Peace

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Religions for Peace

A Call for Solidarity to the Religions of the World

In this heartfelt manifesto, Francis Cardinal Arinze addresses the issue of violence committed in the name of faith. A successful peacemaker in his native Nigeria, Arinze argues that respect for God and human life are inseparable and essential for peace.

Drawing on his vast peacemaking experience and deep-seated Catholic faith, Cardinal Arinze offers insights and ideas that give rise to a new, hopeful era of interreligious cooperation. Arinze gleans the core principles of several religions to emphasize the fundamental requirements for peace—respect for God and respect for human beings.

In light of occurrences of sectarian-fueled violence in every country, people of all faiths are encouraged to grapple with difficult questions about the role of religion in a world that is increasingly unsettled and at war. Addressing these challenges directly, this thoughtful study engages the myriad obstacles to world peace, while offering with real-world solutions—a refreshing reminder that people of all religious devotions can speak together in the name of peace.

Reviews and endorsements

"Arinze encourages religious leaders to 'conscientize' their followers, as well as to foster the study of other religions."
—Publishers Weekly  

"A must-read for all religious leaders and practitioners."
—Dr. Sayyid M. Syeed
, secretary general, Islamic Society of North America  


"A valuable resource for all committed to the goal of the peace of the world and the common good."
—Dr. George Carey,
former archbishop of Canterbury  


"This is a book that needs to be read, reflected on, and responded to by all who care for the future of mankind."
—Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks
, chief rabbi of Britain and the Commonwealth

Paperback / 165 pages
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