Restoring Relationships

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Restoring Relationships

Five Things to Try Before You Say Goodbye

Drawing on more than 40 years of experience as a marriage counselor, Peter Kalellis offers a chance for struggling relationships to revive and thrive. This crucial guide helps partners address their conflicts effectively and get back on the road to love.

If you are considering throwing in the towel on an important relationship this book is for you!

An intimate long-term relationship is a tremendous gift that doesn't come easy. The skyrocketing divorce rate seems to suggest that couples don't have the skills or the will to nurture enduring relationships and many marriages that began full of love and promise fall apart. In the face of the stresses of modern life maintaining a healthy relationship often seems impossible.

In this life-changing work, Peter M. Kallelis presents a wealth of workable solutions for any couple seeking to salvage love and romance.

His ideas can bring vital energy back to relationships on the brink of failure. Each chapter touches on a skill or approach that targets common problems in relationships and gives concrete examples and tools to practice. Get the help your relationship needs and nurture the blossoming of love in your life.

Topics covered include:

Beginning anew
Dealing with anger as creative energy
Differing needs
Making time for each other

Reviews and endorsements

“With compelling honesty, [Kalellis] relates examples gleaned from his experience and challenges the reader’s potential. It is definitely a book I recommend."
The National Herald

“Dr. Kalellis is refreshing! He offers a wise, warm and deeply informed useful guide to better relationships. Every person could benefit from his brilliant and simple advice.”
Ernie Anastos, Emmy award-wining New York TV news anchor


“Dr. Kalellis is masterful in his ability to explain complex psychological dynamics in simple language. I would recommend this book to anyone—a professional, a layperson seeking help, or a student in training.”
Demetria De Lia, Ph.D., dean of curriculum, The New Jersey Center for Modern Psychoanalysis


“This is a 'must read' for those who seek guidance in how to save a troubled marriage or other significant relationship. The book effectively explores the meaning of love, the dangers of anger, and the importance of communication by a talented writer and psychologist!”
Dr. Frank J. Esposito, dean, Nathan Weiss School of Graduate Studies, Kean University, New Jersey

Paperback / 176 pages
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