Sacrament of Unity

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Sacrament of Unity

The Eucharist and the Church

A comprehensive explanation of the sacrament of the Eucharist—the praise, thanksgiving, sacrifice, and meal of the assembled people of God—that unites individuals and parishes with Jesus, and all the other communities that celebrate the Eucharist throughout the world.

Cardinal Kasper considers the Eucharist the source and summit of the life of the church. This central aspect, the beating heart of the church, imparts vigor to all the spheres of the faith and gives us the power that we need for our own personal lives.

Kasper shows us that the sustenance of the Eucharist can feed our souls, bringing us into community so that we can transform and nourish the world around us.

Reviews and endorsements

"Having to explain to a Protestant friend that, 'yes, you can come to Mass with me. But, no, you can’t take communion,' is, I suspect, a common situation for a Catholic. That the practice of intercommunion, common among many Protestant denominations, has not been extended by Catholics remains something of an ecumenical stumbling block for some. This book explains why this situation must continue.

Cardinal Kasper, a noted theologian even before his elevation, is currently president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. He employs his many years of experience in ecumenical endeavors along with his keen theological intellect to give a clear and complete answer to a complex question. The topics covered include not only the Eucharist, but the nature of the Church and the sacramental priesthood.

Despite being written by a theologian and translated from German original, this book is very readable and accessible to a wide audience. It is recommended for all parish and academic libraries."
Herman A. Peterson, Catholic Library World

Paperback / 184 pages
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