Say This, Not That

Front cover of Say This, Not That

Say This, Not That

How to Build Trust and Motivate Others with the Right Choice of Words

So often, saying (or not saying) the right word can transform a situation, and this empowering resource aims to give speakers the life-changing secrets of effective communication.

Drawing from his experiences training more than 100,000 managers, Dave Durand offers specific, detailed suggestions for what to say in a variety of everyday situations, as well as surprising information about the hidden meanings that makes some key words so powerful in conversations. Using simple, proven techniques, this resource covers important subjects such as building trust, inspiring others, correcting behaviors, raising standards, holding someone accountable, making first impressions, apologizing, encouraging open communication, reporting bad news, and making a point amidst adversity.

Reviews and endorsements

“A powerful book destined to transform individuals and entire organizations.”
—Bruce Goodman, President and CEO of Vector/Cutco West


“Dave’s witty intelligence and gift for effective communication makes him the best choice to author this book. The shared knowledge and practical advice found in this book will no doubt equip you with the ability to deliver the right message using the right words.”
John R. Narcissi, President, Joliet Diocese Board of Education

Paperback / 112 pages
Dimensions: 5.25 x 7.5