Understanding Catholic Morality

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Understanding Catholic Morality

Being a disciple of Christ means more than accepting a list of doctrines or set of rules. It means conforming one’s mind, heart, and life to the model of Jesus, and relying on him for support in living it out.

A careful introductory look at Catholic morality, aimed at individual or classroom use, by a professor of moral theology who directed the M.A. program at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans. The author looks beyond the traditional cognitive model of a conscience gradually informed by information, toward a more holistic vision of moral development. She examines the acting human person in the context of social structures, one’s place in society, the circumstances of life, and the universal call to holiness.  Emphases include personal responsibility, the person and words of Jesus, and the model of faith as a relationship.  

Reviews and endorsements

A beautiful, profound book. Written for adolescents, it is sure to become a prized text for students and teachers alike. In clear, cogent, and inviting language, the authors draw the reader into the topics presented by relating them to the experience of being an adolescent in today’s world. The design and layout are attractive and appropriate. A genuine tool for translating Catholic Christianity for today’s teenagers.
Thomas Zanzig and Barbara Allaire; Saint Mary’s Press

"A readable, pastoral, and faith-filled introduction."
Richard C. Sparks, author of Contemporary Christian Morality

Paperback / 190 pages
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