The Virtues We Need Again

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The Virtues We Need Again

21 Life Lessons from the Great Books of the West

An enthusiastic advocate for the edifying effects of reading, Mitchell Kalpakgian looks at the admirable qualities of mankind through the perspective of the great characters of Western literature. Find out how fiction informs and inspires fact in this enlightening work.

Books you might have sampled in school—or skipped on your college reading lists—come to life as timeless sources of wisdom about human nature, ethics, and our relationship with God. Under the expert guidance of Kalpakgian, The Aeneid, the Bible, The Divine Comedy, The Canterbury Tales, the plays of Shakespeare, and works by Samuel Johnson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, the Brothers Grimm, Herman Melville, Robert Frost, and George Orwell offer a catalyst for personal development to postmodern readers young and old.

Reviews and endorsements

"Mitchell Kalpakgian has a unique knack for drawing out that kernel of eternal truth that gives meaning and purpose to the human experience. Take and read, and let The Virtues We Need Again rekindle your wonder and joy."
—Pieter Vree, editor, New Oxford Review

"Mitchell Kalpakgian is a man for all seasons. He writes with eloquence and rare erudition on almost any subject under the sun. Whatever his topic, he always delights the reader with a luminous wisdom and a literary flourish that enlightens even as it entertains.”
—Joseph Pearce, author of The Quest for Shakespeare and Tolkien: Man, Myth and Literary Life


"Reading Dr. Kalpakgian is like being served an exquisite new wine made from grapes in your own backyard or uncovering an ancient and mysterious map that happens to be of your own country. It is a discovery, a delight, and an adventure among things that are right in front of you. It is the excitement of tradition, the love of family, the joy of literature, and the realization that this vale of tears has been touched by a good and beautiful God who loves us."
—John M. DeJak, director of The Wanderer Forum Foundation and dean of Saint Agnes School, St. Paul, Minnesota

Paperback / 288 pages
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