When Faith Goes Viral

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When Faith Goes Viral

11 Success Stories of the New Evangelization from Alabama to Vladivostok

Where is the Catholic Church advancing, and why? Real, nitty-gritty stories of apostolic Catholic laity and clergy in the field from Siberia to Peru to U.S. college campuses. No hype, wishful thinking, or nostalgia—just real faith, spread by hard work.

During this Year of Faith, when Catholics from all walks of life have been called to participate in the “new evangelization,” a question naturally arises: What sort of evangelization works? Are there any proven programs, that have demonstrated the power to attract people to the faith?

Journalists from all over the world share 11 success stories of the power of faith in:

    Vladivostok, Russia
    The South Side of Chicago
    A secularized Catholic college campus in the Midwest
    Birmingham, Alabama
    Central America
    Eastern Europe
    The slums of Nairobi, Kenya
    The jungles of India

Reviews and endorsements

Philip Lawler, one of the steadiest Catholic journalists alive and author of Faithful Departed: The Collapse of Boston’s Catholic Culture the best book on the priestly abuse crisis … has put together a valuable collection of essays on things that are going right in the Church: When Faith Goes Viral: 11 Success Stories on the New Evangelization from Alabama to Vladivostok.

This is not a book to read and forget, but an invitation to action in whatever way you might feel moved to make something happen in the Church – and the world.

Pick up this little anthology for your pre-Christmas reading. Its inspiring chapters may help you, despite all temptations to Scrooge-like cynicism about our postmodern world, to welcome the commemoration of the birth of the Savior with greater joy and, who knows, maybe even a greater hope.

—Robert Royal, TheCatholicthing.org

“Effective evangelization is a crucial question for the Church and it's good to see that Philip Lawler, an experienced and fair-minded journalist, has turned his attention to studying and highlighting programs that actually work.”
Robert Royal, author and president of The Faith & Reason Institute


“This latest work is . . . the kind of book that makes one want to run out and celebrate all that is new and exciting in the world of evangelization. A real shot in the arm, this book is a must-read.”
—Judie Brown, president, American Life League


“Phil Lawler is one of the most trusted Catholic journalists in the world today. Without fear or favor, he reports what is troubling in the Church, but he also pursues, as in this book, her points of light.”
George Neumayr, contributing editor, The American Spectator


“[Phil Lawler’s] reputation for accuracy makes the reader more confident that these encouraging stories are the real thing."
Jim Holman, editor of  San Diego Reader and publisher of California Catholic Daily


“Events in the life of the Church have shown him to be one of the most perspicuous analysts of the contemporary situation. This latest work will advance his reputation both as a writer and as an observer of extraordinary shrewdness.”
Rev. Paul Mankowski, S.J., fellow in residence, Lumen Christi Institute


 “Few U.S. Catholics have written with as much balance and insight as Phil Lawler about what's wrong with the Church in America. That's why he just might be the best person alive to help the faithful see what the Church is doing right.”
—Rod Dreher, senior editor, The American Conservative

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