When Wisdom Speaks

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When Wisdom Speaks

Living Experiences of Biblical Women

Lyn Holley Doucet and Robin Hebert bring the women of the bible into their lives and ours to find personal inspiration and meaning. Let Mary Magdalene, Sarah, the Canaanite woman, and a host of others offer strength and guidance for your spiritual path.

Doucet and Hebert, celebrated authors of When Women Pray, collaborate on another important volume that highlights the contributions of women to the church. Each chapter explores the story of a biblical woman and relates her experiences to the difficulties or joys that the authors face in their own lives. The authors share their truth with vulnerability and humility. This open portrayal helps us access the power and guidance that scripture offers for the issues that modern-day women confront.

Mary and Elizabeth reveal how important soul friends are in a community of women who trust each other. Martha teaches us that our service can be rooted in joy and faithfulness, not resentment and fear. Mary of Bethany encourages faith in our intuition and stirs us to love passionately and wholeheartedly.

A loving support for nurturing a prayerful community of women and cultivating a receptive availability to the wisdom of scripture.

Reviews and endorsements

"An exciting book reflecting the authentic growth of two women of faith, who balance church and Scripture with the deeply felt experience of their lives. I recommend it to all authentic seekers of interior truth."
Fr. Don Piraro, director of the Saint Charles Retreat Center


"This remarkable book will stir your heart and move you to a deeper understanding of your own femininity and spirituality."
Deanna Fouin


"A fine resource for spiritual formation and transformation."
Emilie Griffin, author of Simple Ways to Pray

Paperback / 192 pages
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