Why We Look Up

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Why We Look Up

Making Sense of Our Catholic Faith

Gems for devotional reading and inspiration on a wealth of questions that matter to us most—such as the meaning of suffering, the glory of creation, prayer, and our personal relationship with God.

Building on the passion that he first kindled in A Faith That Makes Sense, in Why We Look Up Father Bob shows how we can make sense of the essential faith and practice of Catholicism.

This book presumes nothing of the reader except that he or she be open to a wonderfully comprehensive way of life, united with the Church. It promises a secure and beautiful faith, and a way to live so that every day, we may find within ourselves more peace, purpose, and joy than we might have imagined.

Reviews and endorsements

“Bob Cormier is the real thing—thoughtful, attentive, direct.”
Rick Hamlin, author of Finding God in a Train


“Robert Cormier is a superb communicator. He can make faith come alive in words that people can understand.”
Arthur Caliandro

Paperback / 144 pages
Dimensions: 5 3/8 x 8 1/4