A Feminist Lectionary and Psalter: Women of the Hebrew Scriptures: Part One
Powerful worship services celebrating the women of the Hebrew Scriptures from the bestselling author of WomanPrayer and WomanSong

This second volume in the widely acclaimed series by liturgist, Miriam Therese Winter includes fifty more celebrations of women of the Hebrew Scriptures. Each service includes readings, psalms, prayers, biographical and historical information on the figure celebrated. WomanWisdom is a rich resource for women—and men—of all denominations who want to celebrate the women of our scriptural heritage.

Reviews and endorsements

Women of the Hebrew Scriptures and the Apocrypha each claim a chapter of celebration. Meinrad Craighead introduces each chapter with a bold, dramatic illustration. What follows is the historical or sociological setting of the woman's life. Next comes the biblical text printed in short sense lines-another key feature. The chapter concludes with points for reflection, a prayer, and a newly composed psalm. These books developed within long, contemplative gestation and matured within life experiences. With WomariWord for New Testament writings, we are blessed with a trilogy of feminist leadership for prayer.

—Bible Today


The author tells us in her foreword that this is a companion volume to Womanwitness. The two volumes comprise a lectionary which celebrates the lives of women of the Hebrew Scriptures, including the deuterocanonical writings known as the Apocrypha. Womanwisdom provides reflections on the lives of women within three categories: matriarchs; wives and concubines; and memorable women. Each woman is featured in a section that provides scripture references, a brief biography, a context, an original lectionary reading, points for shared reflection, a psalm and a closing prayer.

Accompanied by the strong and dramatic illustrations of Meinrad Craighead, each of these biblical women can well be applied to the experiences of contemporary women. This book is a significant contribution to the growing collection of writings that clarify and enhance an understanding of women from any era. In addition to material that stimulates the mind, the author provides us with ritual and prayer that touch the heart. This book would be a valuable addition to the personal library of both women and men, to church liturgists and to church libraries as well.

—Maureen McCarthy, OSU Ursuline College


This is the second volume of Miriam Therese Winter’s trilogy on the women of the Bible. WornanWord, published in 1990, presented the women of the New Testament. WomanWitness, the second volume on the Hebrew scriptures, will be published next year.

WomanWisdom contains over fifty services. Some of them focus on “women whose stories have been told”--- like Eve, Sarah, and Rebekah-- others on “women whose stories must be told” -- like Cozbi, Zipporah, and Keturah. “Their narratives offer a new appreciation of what biblical women had to contend with and how much they had to lose. Many suffered the loss of their children, their husbands, their own lives.”

Winter highlights their ability to take charge of their lives, their uncommon valor, and their charismatic power. She seeks to offer an alternative perspective, not only of these women, but also of the tradition seen anew through them. By placing their stories within the context of ritual, she “takes us out of our heads and into our experience” so that we can interact with scripture. “Given the opportunity to confront our own pain and prejudice, to challenge our own assumptions, to tell and retell our own stories, we are encouraged and empowered through collective wisdom shared.”

Each service includes a reading, a psalm, and a prayer, as well as biographical information on the figure celebrated and background on the historical and scriptural context. Points for shared discussion are provided for worship groups. The original psalms are designed to be prayed responsively. Meinrad Craighead’s illustrations help bring these figures to life.

—Spiritual Book News

Paperback / 368 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9

Women, Life, Justice, Dignity