The Zen Teachings of Jesus

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Front Cover of The Zen Teachings of Jesus

The Zen Teachings of Jesus

"I left Jesus to search for the Tao when I was sixteen," writes Kenneth Leong. "Now I am forty and realize that I could have found the Tao in Jesus." This is an intriguing book that reveals how Zen philosophy parallels the core message of the gospel.

This book reflects the spiritual side of Zen, the art to trust and accept life that coincides with the core of the Gospel message. For power, dogma and doctrine were not Jesus' passion, but the mystery of life and the possibility of love. Sometimes people have overlooked the joy, the humor and the depth of Jesus' teachings—often because they could not surmount the narrow confines of openness to the scripture's power to transform our lives.

Reviews and endorsements

"Rather than a search for the historical Jesus or a scholarly study of traditional doctrines on Jesus, Leong looks at the sayings of Jesus the poet and artist in the light of the basic elements of Zen: ‘presence, ordinariness, zest, ease, gentleness, freedom, simplicity, and paradox.”
Theological Digest

“In The Zen Teachings of Jesus, Kenneth S. Leong presents Jesus as a poetic teacher of everyday wisdom, a sage who brings joy and fun to the way we see the world.”—Philip Endean SJ, The Way, Heythrop College


“Leong is especially interested in discovering what he calls ‘the lost dimensions’ of Jesus’ spirituality. ‘We are far too serious about Jesus,’ he asserts, ‘and this inhibits our ability to practice everyday spirituality….’”—Terry C. Mook, Books & Culture

Paperback / 240 pages
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