The Way Opened Up by Jesus:

Jesus never intended to found a Church made up of adherents to a religion, but to call together followers of the Way that he was opening up. Christian communities can only live up to that vision by keeping the real life person of Jesus and his message, the reign of God, at the center of their life. 

The Prayer that Jesus Taught

Gerry Pierse offers reflections that encourage readers to engage in daily meditation by surrendering all thought and repeating a prayer word, called a mantra. Such meditation is a discipline to be followed every day as we attempt to create a space for God in which we grasp nothing and want nothing.

The Gospel of Joy in America

Catholicism in the United States during the twenty-first century will be defined by the passion and the commitment of all baptized women and men who accept the invitation to intentionally give witness of their faith in Jesus Christ. 

The Banquet: A Reading of the Fifth sura of the Qur'an

Cuyper's work is a ground-breaking contribution to Islamic-Christian studies and is being warmly received by the Islamic academic community.

Meditation with Children

This book focuses on teaching meditation to children, who can be naturally and totally present in the moment and are thus capable of pure prayer, prayer of the heart.

Jesus: An Historical Approximation

In this Spanish best-seller, now available in English for the first time, the Biblical scholar Jose Antonio Pagola reconstructs the historical Jesus with a scholarly exegetical and theological approach. 

Hispanic Ministry in the 21stCentury:

The Hispanic presence in the Church in the United States is profoundly reshaping the direction and character of Catholicism in this country. As we reach the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century, nearly half the Catholic population is Hispanic and it is estimated that by 2050 Latinos/as will constitute the vast majority of U.S. Catholics. 

Hispanic Ministry in the 21stCentury:

As the twenty-first century continues to unfold with giant steps, U.S. Catholicism experiences major transformations at various levels thanks to the Hispanic presence. In many parts of the country, especially in the South and the West, to speak of Hispanic ministry is to speak of Catholicism in general. 

From Anxiety to Peace

Spiritual awareness and growth are high priorities for many people today. Meditation is the path to growth, the way to deepen our own commitment to life. 

Following in the Footsteps of Jesus. C

This publication offers a guide for reading Sunday Gospels and meditating Homilies every week for the Liturgical Cycle C.