Front Cover of Toward an Eco-Spirituality

An action plan, based on Christianity, to study and understand the challenges and ramifications of the global ecological crisis known as one of the major liberation theologians, Leonardo Boff has long seen the terrible cost of the ecological crisis to the poor.

Front Cover of The New Map of the Global Church

Offers an inviting way to understand the facts and implications of the major demographic shifts happening within Christianity By 2025, 75 percent of Catholics in the world will be non-European; the new global church will have its center of gravity in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

Front Cover of The Challenge of Inequality

In this treatise, author Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga offers a clear analysis of the expansion of economic inequality and its root causes, followed by a review of suggested solutions, and a hopeful outlook based on new model of economic and human growth.

Cover of Discerning the Will of God

This title is also available as an audiobook, read by John Wykes, O.M.V. The book comes on 5 CDs and lasts 5 hours, covering the entire text of the printed book.

Cover of Discerning the Will of God

In ten lectures, filmed in the beautiful St. Clement’s Shrine in Boston, Father Timothy Gallagher, O.M.V., presents a video guide for spiritual directors based on his best-selling title Discerning the Will of God.

Front Cover of The Heart of Pope Francis

At the heart of Pope Francis' vision lies a keen interest in people, a passion for understanding the life experience of the other.

Front Cover of Jesus' Twin

In Jesus' Twin, a scholar shares his personal reflections into the Gospel of Thomas offering a learned, accessible introduction as well as inspiring insights into these ancient texts that have long stirred curiosity and inquiry.

Front Cover of What the Mystics Know

Drawing from the best and most poetic of Richard Rohr's essays from nearly a quarter of a century, each chapter in this new collection examines one of the seven core mystical truths.

Front Cover of Marcion and Prometheus

This study points to the dangerous tendency among humanist critics of Christianity to dismiss of "debunk" the religious claims of historic Judaism—reinventing, according to von Balthasar, the historical heresy of Marcionism. Interreligious dialogue requires more respect for Jewish origins.

Front Cover for Crossroad Lent Catalog 2013

Dear Reader,

Benjamin Franklin once wrote:Those have a short lent, who owe money to be paid at Easter.

What was true of the borrower at the time of Poor Richard’s Almanack is true for all of us today.

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