Front Cover for Educating for Life

Thomas Groome engages the central issues that concern educators, regardless of their religious traditions, offering a profound wisdom—the fruit of years of experience in religious education.

Front Cover of Down and Out in Providence

Designed for personal and group reflection, this book includes profound observations about our call as Christians as well as practical suggestions for living out the mission of a compassionate faith.

Front Cover of Dear Heart Come Home

Joyce Rupp shares her own midlife journey—its ups and downs—with honesty and insight that will support and inspire other seekers looking to deepen their spiritual lives.

Front Cover for Coincidentally

George Rutler—EWTN speaker, Crisis magazine columnist, and reigning Catholic wit—offers his humorous and contrarian reflections on the coincidental links that connect the most far-flung parts of the world.

Front Cover for Code Name: God

A technological discovery that led to LASIK surgery brought Mani Bhaumik great fame and fortune but he yearned for spiritual fulfillment. This memoir weaves science and spirituality together to illuminate their common thread—a unified field of consciousness that underlies all of creation.

Front Cover for Christian Spirituality Vol III

This volume of the World Spirituality series—a broad-ranging, illustrated, and scholarly treatment of core topics in Christian spirituality—focuses on the development of Christianity in the period after the Reformation.

Front Cover for Our Second Birth

Our Second Birth draws from Nouwen’s last journal, Sabbatical Journey, reflects on the meaning of our journeys and relationships, and calls us to awaken to the sacredness of life and the love of God.

Front Cover of On Being Liked

On Being Liked is the transforming and joyful sequel to Faith Beyond Resentment: Fragments Catholic and Gay, which established the Catholic priest and writer James Alison as one of the most striking, original, and intellectually irresistible voices in the church.

Front Cover Meditations on the Parables of Jesus

Fr. Thomas Keating, the internationally-known Centering Prayer teacher, unlocks the radical, transformative power of the parables, bringing the significance of Jesus's message to our lives. Keating's spiritual depth and cultural understanding inform the parables and articulate an original, compelling vision of Jesus's teachings.

Front Cover for Marriage in the Catholic Tradition

This collection of original scholarship on Catholic marriage from an A-list group of religious thinkers and scholars is an ideal resource for students, scholars, and anyone interested in the current issues surrounding the meaning of marriage.