Catching Up with Jesus

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Catching Up with Jesus

A Gospel Story for Our Time

In the spirit of Teilhard de Chardin, this fiercely innovative theologian tries to clear away 2,000 years of metaphysics and Christology, to present Jesus in a bold new light—as the culmination of human evolution and the divine plan.

Too often the story of Jesus is weighed down with outdated theology and metaphysics. For those ready to rediscover Jesus, Diarmuid O'Murchu offers Catching Up with Jesus. This feast of spiritual insight guides us through the tradition and offers the gospel story told in an engaging way—imaginative conversations and poetry that bring us into the lifegiving, loving, freeing experience of Jesus.

Reviews and endorsements

"Diarmuid O'Murchu, a social psychologist and member of the Sacred Heart Missionary Order, continues his radical reimagining of the Christian path that he has presented in Quantum Theology, Reclaiming Spirituality, Poverty, Celibacy and Obedience, Religion in Exile, and Evolutionary Faith. O'Murchu wants to set Jesus free from the captivity of ideological reductionism that includes academic rationality, absolute dogmas, white imperialism, male exclusiveness, the cult of redemptive violence, ecclesiastical domestication, middle-class respectability, distorted personalism, and insipid religiosity. He sets the story of Jesus within the context of the grand sweep of time and claims that he is 'not the beginning of some unique divine enterprise but rather its fulfillment.' A salient point in this presentation is that the disciples repeatedly tried to put Jesus on a pedestal and diverted most of their energy Into figuring out his messianic glory and exalted nature. Thus, they missed the central challenge Jesus offered them—to become sons and daughters of God, individuals transformed into loving, compassionate, justice-seeking neighbors of all.

O'Murchu presents his own imaginative conversations and poetry that reflect the mystery and the many meanings inspired by Jesus. Here is one who does not abide patriarchy, violence, or divisions among human beings. The author emphasizes 'the relational matrix' of his life and ministry and proclaims that we all keep our eye on three things: contemplation, right relations, and justice-making. The Kingdom of God he reveals is one of peace, joy, and delight in the earth and all its creatures. O'Murchu's Jesus says 'This Spirit is the living energy, the creative vitality that stirs the waves and whispers in the wind, that warms the sun and eroticizes the moon, that vibrates in the sounds of nature, begetting novelty in every realm of creation. It scares me the way you humans try to confine my Spirit to yourselves, grossly dishonoring the pervasiveness of the Spirit in the breadth and depth of creation.' Openness to possibility characterizes the Reign of God that Jesus demonstrated in his words and deeds: a new story to set all people free."
Spirituality & Health Magazine

"Brillant, liberating, and most of all, truthful."
Richard Rohr, author of Everthing Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer

Paperback / 216 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9 1/4