Enchanting the World

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Front cover of Enchanting the World

Enchanting the World

The Vision of 20th Century Catholic Authors

Art and literature are in the business of enchantment. When we are enchanted, we are captivated by some part of life—whether it be the fragile charm of the week-old infant or the force of a waterfall that takes our breath away. Enchantment—like the vital energy of Eros—defies definition. Poetry more often finds the words for this phenomenon. This book opens a window into the rich writings of Catholic authors during the 20th century—including Evelyn Waugh, James Joyce, Flannery O'Connor, Graham Greene and others—who found the mesmerizing presence of God in an often disenchanted world.

Reviews and endorsements

“The Whiteheads take us on a spellbinding journey through Catholic
literature born in the turbulent and transformative times of the 20th century.
In these pages, we encounter the monk, the misft, the scientist-mystic,
the social revolutionary, to name a few. Far from being rosy-colored idealists,
the Whiteheads reveal the deep humanity of these writers who preserved and
celebrated a divine vision of the world. This may well be their best book to date.”
Terry A. Veling, Australian Catholic University

“The Whiteheads have written an eloquent evocation of Catholic imagination
that could be the basis for a catechism for 21st Century Catholic believers. . . .
If you are not Catholic or theologically inclined but love literature, you will
still devour this book. It is a treasure-trove of insights of major novels in
the last century with enough engaging quotes to spark your reflections and
conversations for a good while.”
Herbert Anderson, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago

“The reader will be amazed by the myriad ways in which these authors,
conjurers really, fnd daily life and the rituals of the ordinary to be magically
‘lit from within’ and sacramentally ‘charged by the grandeur of God.’ Highly
Professor M Katherine Tillman, University of Notre Dame

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