The Examen Prayer

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The Examen Prayer

Ignatian Wisdom for Our Lives Today

Let the gentle words of the beloved Father Timothy Gallagher lead you to the renewal and solace that the Examen prayer offers. Real-life examples and Gallagher's profound understanding of Ignatius's journals and recommendations make the prayer an accessible and illuminating resource for those seeking God's love and guidance.

Practice of St. Ignatius's Examen prayer originated in the 16th century and continues to nourish the spiritual practice of seekers of many faiths. In fact the popularity of Ignatius's spiritual exercises is growing worldwide. This authoritative and comprehensive guide walks the reader through the five steps of the prayer: gratitude, petition, review, forgiveness, and renewal, and explains how each step can bring the fruits of the prayer into our lives.

A much sought-after retreat leader, scholar, and lecturer, Fr. Timothy Gallagher elucidates the saint of Loyola's text and makes Ignatius's advice abundantly practical and useful. Written in a clear, up-to-date style and addressing modern day issues like addiction and troubled relationships, this important book will help you lay the groundwork for a life of integrity and fulfillment.

Topics include:
Forgiveness and Letting Go
Our Image of God
Initiative for the Future
Freedom of the Spirit
Spiritual Consolation
Surrendering to Love

Reviews and endorsements

The Examen Prayer moves methodically through the steps of the examen, providing countless helpful illustrations.  This book provides the same excellent pragmatic value that characterized Fr. Gallagher’s The Discernment of Spirits.

—E. Edward Kinerk, S.J., Spiritus


This is a practical guide to implementing the daily practice of examen.  Individualization and flexibility are emphasized throughout this rich resource.  Highly recommended as an accessible and practical explanation of the examen prayer, and also for individuals seeking an introduction to or a renewed practice of the examen prayer.

—Jean R. Bostley, S.S.J., Catholic Library World


Prayer life dull?  Lacking in something?  Can’t seem to articulate what?  Maybe what you need is The Examen Prayer: Ignatian Wisdom for Our Lives Today.  You don’t need to have done the examen before or even be familiar with the spirituality of St. Ignatius to find this book useful.  Our hearts yearn to grow in our relationship with the God who loves us. If you are looking for a deeper, more profound relationship, The Examen Prayer will give you the tools to deepen and enrich your prayer life, discerning his many acts of love throughout the day.

—Elizabeth Yank, National Catholic Register


The original text for this spiritual practice occurs in Ignatius’s Spiritual Exercises.  Fr. Gallagher’s approach is to provide a careful explanation of it that is integrated with the experiences of a wide variety of people who try to practice it in their daily lives.  His profound understanding of the Ignatian principles themselves, combined with his thoughtful observations about the problems that individuals tend to encounter in their use, make for a wonderfully insightful and practical book that will make good reading for priests, retreat directors, those offering spiritual direction, and for anyone who is eager for a greater awareness of God’s action within one’s daily spiritual life.

—Joseph Koterski, S.J., Homiletic and Pastoral Review


A key tool in the process of ongoing discernment is the practice of the examen prayer which Fr. Gallagher discusses in The Examen Prayer: Ignatian Wisdom for Our Lives Today.  In five simple steps Ignatius helps individuals to be aware of the presence of God’s love at work in their lives and to grow in their loving response to it.  It is the examples of individuals endeavoring to live out the reality of the examen prayer in their own lives that add clarity to both the text and the practice.  It becomes clear in Fr. Gallagher’s book that a persevering practice of spiritual discernment helps us to gather the fragments of life into a pattern of greater freedom and hopeful living.

—Gill Goulding, C.J., The Way

"A wonderful book. Fr. Gallagher's insights are refreshing and practical."
Charles M. Shelton, S.J., Ph.d. author of Achieving Moral Health


"A compelling use of personal practice and actual experience. This book will bless every serious reader."
Fr. George Aschenbrenner, S.J.

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