Finding My Way Home

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Finding My Way Home

Pathways to Life and the Spirit

Four soul-searching essays from Henri Nouwen explore how weakness and waiting connect us with God’s power and reveal the path of peace and community. An invitation to set aside worldly struggles and in trusting service, to be surprised by joy.

The battle for strength, accomplishment, and relevance monopolizes much of our lives. But as we seize power that dominates and hurts others we lose our connection to our source. Nouwen helps us see the theology of weakness "not as a worldly weakness that allows us to be manipulated by the powerful in society and church, but as a total and unconditional dependence on God that opens us to be true channels of the divine power that heals the wounds of humanity and renews the face of the earth." (from Finding My Way Home, page 40).

In this collection of essays Nouwen shares some of his experiences of living in community with mentally challenged people to offer insight on the opportunities that we all have to bring greater depth and meaning to our lives. He also relates how his brush with death transformed his fear of mortality into a sense of comfort and homecoming.

Nouwen's great spirit reminds us that being, not doing will sustain us, and that if we fill our hearts with love, we can follow Christ's guidance in gentleness, mercy, and justice.

Reviews and endorsements

"This small work is a gem and one of the finest books in the legacy of the late Christian writer and spiritual sensitive Henri J.M. Nouwen. It is a crowning touch on his achievements. The author of some 40 books had much to say. In Finding My Way Home, some of his best essays are presented . . . Nouwen has left us a legacy of awareness of God and sensitivity to our human brothers and sisters. I love what he writes on page 105, 'Prayer is coming together around a promise.' . . . A beautiful book full of insight and wisdom from one of this century's great Catholic spiritual writers. Recommended."
The Critical Review


"Henri Nouwen writes with his usual grace, drawing us close to the God who embraces us all with love."
The Other Side


"As Nouwen wrestles with (among other issues) his suspicions of fame, this simple and sophisticated man of prayer invites us to grapple with our own false and true voices."

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