The Grace of Medellín

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The Grace of Medellin

The Grace of Medellín

History, Theology and Legacy. Reflections on the significance of Medellín for the church in the United States

The Second CELAM (Latin American Bishop`s Council) Conference held in Medellín, Colombia, in 1968, proved to be a movement of grace, not only for the church in Latin America and Caribbean, but also for the world church at large. 

Viewed as foundational for the reception of Vatican II, the evolution of liberation theologies and the emergence of diverse ecclesial movements committed to peace, justice and the integrity of creation, the grace of Medellín continues to be poured out upon the People of God, especially the poor, the powerless and the most vulnerable.

Given the current realities of the church and world today, this new volume focuses on those grace-filled aspects of Medellín that warrant remembrance, recognition and reinvention, particularly within the context of the United States. This collaborative effort on the part of twenty theologians, social ethicists, and historians take account of the action of the Holy Spirit and the transformative power of Medellín in terms of its history, theology and legacy.

Reviews and endorsements

"Medellín was a profound, hopeful, and unforgettable spiritual experience of historical commitment and prayer; it was a strong call to solidarity with the «least of these who are members of my family [brothers and sisters]» (Matthew 25:40). It put us on the path of what Pope Francis calls «a poor church for the poor». It is a vision in which there is perhaps little «religion» but much of the Gospel."

— Gustavo Gutiérrez, OP, Preface, The Grace of Medellín (2018)


Paperback / 304 pages

History, Theology and Legacy
History, Theology