The Pope's Army

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The Pope's Army

500 Years of the Papal Swiss Guard

The Swiss Guard takes ultimate responsibility for the safety of the Pope and makes a striking impression at every official ceremony. Robert Royal celebrates the guard's special combination of military skill, idealistic conviction, and religious commitment in this readable, richly illustrated volume.

Award-winning author Robert Royal explores the history of the illustrious Swiss Guard, from the guard's first assignment of protecting Pope Julius II in the early 16th century to the ceremonial and practical roles the "Pope's army" fulfills in the current papacy. Discover the distinguished legacy of the most faithful and honorable military unit in history.

Reviews and endorsements

"The Pope's Army: 500 Years Of The Papal Swiss Guard . . . is an in-depth study of the Swiss Guard's five-hundred year service to the Pope and the Vatican. Informatively taking the reader through the Medici Popes, the sack of the Roman Empire, medieval sieges, the Napoleonic War, the unification of Italy, the imprisonment of the Pope, World War I and II, the resistance to the Nazis, and collective information on more recent Popes, The Pope's Army is an invaluable documentation of the Vatican City and the Popes with respect to the dedicated military guard serving to protect the papal well-being and safety for last the five hundred years. The Pope's Army is very informative and strongly recommended reading."
Midwest Book Review

Hardcover / 224 pages
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