The Saint for Shalom

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The Saint for Shalom

How Pope John Paul II Transformed Catholic-Jewish Relations

2nd edition organized and co-edited by Rabbi Eric Greenberg.

This complete collection of Pope John Paul II's texts on Judaism and the state of Israel bears witness to the extraordinary contribution the newly cannonized leader made to healing relations between Jews and Christians. A work of reconciliation and inspiration.

Compiled and co-edited by Eugene J. Fisher and Rabbi Leon Klenicki, this treasury elucidates Pope John Paul II's catalyzing efforts to transform the relationship between Catholicism and Judaism. This volume, presented by the Anti-Defamation League and Herder and Herder, presents a model for the power of understanding and respect and inspires us to work towards Shalom, Hebrew for peace, wholeness, and right-relationship.

The series of addresses, statements, and remarks span the period from 1979 to 2005 and testify to Pope John Paul II's vital revisioning of a devastating, centuries-old religious conflict.

Reviews and endorsements

“The wounds of time will not be healed in a day, but the path which John Paul II indicated for our time leads us to a new horizon. This voice of hope and determination is the source of inspiration to us in our efforts toward reconciliation. Let them ring in our ears!"
Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz Archbishop of Krakow


“This important volume makes crystal clear how John Paul II dedicated much of his twenty-six year papacy to rapprochement between Jews and Catholics. The writings collected here show that step by step he unpacked the implications of the Second Vatican Council declaration Nostra Aetate, producing a theological body of work with the breadth and authority that remains unsurpassed in implementing the Catholic Church’s new relationship to Judaism.”
Dr. Philip A. Cunningham, professor of theology and director of the Institute for Jewish-Catholic relations, Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


“A must read for everyone interested in the positive and historic role Pope John Paul II played in Catholic-Jewish relations. Leon Klenicki and Eugene Fisher have rendered an important service that will be an indispensable record for future generations.”
Rabbi A. James Rudin, author, Christian & Jews—Faith to Faith: Tragic History, Promising Present, Fragile Future


"A tribute to the constant concern of Pope John Paul II to do all he could to foster better relations between the Church and the Jewish people."
Pope Benedict XVI, in a letter to Rabbi Greenberg (transcribed by Cardinal Kurt Koch)

Paperback / 398 pages
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