Simply Sane

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Simply Sane

The Spirituality of Mental Health

Renowned author Gerald May offers a path toward freedom and authenticity in this updated and expanded version of his bestselling classic. Let go of fixing and controlling and find the peace and fulfillment at the core of your existence.

A touchstone in the fields of psychology and spirituality, Simply Sane asks us to give up constant self-improvement and instead to let ourselves be. Understanding humans as mysterious, beautiful, and trustworthy beings, we begin to see ourselves as spiritual companions rather than soul technicians.

A profound resource for psychology, spiritual direction, and pastoral integration, May’s book will liberate you to find renewed sanity, joy, and meaning in life.

Reviews and endorsements

“Dr. May reminds us that human beings are not objects to be fixed or improved . . . We need to quit worrying about who we are, to relax and be our natural selves; to accept our craziness, to find love rather than build it.”
Publisher’s Weekly


“May’s voice is reflective, like a prayer. For him ‘sanity is spiritual’ and while he does not promise salvation, he suggests that acceptance (of oneself), rather than change, has its own reward.”
Washington Post

“Superb and timeless.”
Richard Rohr, author of Everything Belongs

Paperback / 216 pages
Dimensions: 5 3/8 x 8 1/4