Spiritual Passages

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Spiritual Passages

Spiritual Passages

The Psychology of Spiritual Development

A bestseller since it’s publication, this groundbreaking integration of religious thought and psychological research has set a lasting benchmark in the field of human development. Christian seekers will find nurturance, stimulation, and inspiration in Benedict Groeschel’s illuminating explanation of the process of spiritual growth.

Groeschel explores how different personalities seek God and explains that the spiritual quest is as unique as the person: for example, people may experience God as oneness, truth, goodness, or beauty. Despite the differences in each person’s journey, an understanding of the patterns and possibilities in the process of spiritual growth can assist those nurturing a flock as well individual seekers.

Spiritual Passages examines the three stages of spiritual growth—purgation, illumination, and unity, and considers how a Christian striving to answer the call of God may find support and insight in a psychological perspective on her own development.

Reviews and endorsements

“Father Benedict Groeschel has enriched our spiritual literature with an inspiring, yet practical and informational book on the psychology of spiritual development . . . [A] well balanced contribution to the beginning dialogue between psychology and spirituality."
Adrian van Kaam

Paperback / 224 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9