Toward an Eco-Spirituality

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Front Cover of Toward an Eco-Spirituality

Toward an Eco-Spirituality

An action plan, based on Christianity, to study and understand the challenges and ramifications of the global ecological crisis known as one of the major liberation theologians, Leonardo Boff has long seen the terrible cost of the ecological crisis to the poor.

In this engaging brief, he outlines a new vision for human stewardship of the earth. This is an ideal first step to take for individuals and groups to study ecology in a Christian context, and to understand that ecology is no longer a luxury for a few, but an imperative for everyone working for a more just world.

"I have worked my whole life on behalf of the poor who cry out for justice and liberation, along with that of the Earth which we have been systematically destroying over a number of centuries only to now find ourselves coping with global warming as the result. The theme of my work here is hope: what will the next stage in the life of humanity look like?"

—Leonardo Boff

Paperback / 80 pages
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5