Watch and Pray with Me

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Watch and Pray with Me

Like all the great spiritual masters, Rahner is at his best when dealing with matters of the heart like this one: suffering and the soul's journey to God.

A superb collection of prayers by one of the most brilliant and honored theologians of our century. From the mind of a man who ranks in intelligence with the doctors of the church, this book offers inspirational prayers that focus on two central themes: the presence of Jesus in our world today and the redemptive act of Jesus’ crucifixion.

On the presence of Christ, Rahner prays to Christ who is eternally present to us, eternally caring toward us, and universally loving toward all.

On the redemption of Christ, Rahner prays in the context of the seven last words Jesus uttered from the cross. While these prayers evoke strong emotions that are common to all human beings, suffering and loneliness, they also fill us with the virtues we need to overcome our own agony-the virtues of compassion, courage, and confidence.

Paperback / 64 pages
Dimensions: 5 3/8 x 8 1/4